How to Backside 270 on Skis | 4 Levels of 270s

What you will Learn in this Tutorial

This tutorial provides tips on how to perform a backside 270 on skis, also known as a blind two on rails. The video demonstrates different variations of the trick and offers advice on technique for both short and long rails. It also explores incorporating a nose tap into the backside 270.


  • The backside 270 is also called a blind two because it requires taking your eyes off the landing at the start of the spin.
  • To execute a backside 270, a skier must have a strong pop and go blind at the beginning of the spin.
  • Starting to turn your head and look back up the hill while still on the rail helps spot the landing quickly.
  • On a short rail, keeping the rotation going and spinning the blind two out is easier.
  • On a long rail, a pretzel technique is used where the skier stops the rotation midway, locks onto the rail, and sets another rotation to exit.
  • Incorporating a nose tap into the backside 270 requires an early pop and tapping the noses of the skis on the rail.
  • Short flat features are ideal for practicing backside 270s, while down features present more challenges.
  • A backside 270 on a long rail requires balancing and setting the rotation early in the trick.
  • Performing a backside 270 while standing on the backside of the rail is more difficult but looks impressive.
  • Practice and progression are key to mastering backside 270s on different types of features.