7 Kind of Advanced Ski Tricks | Ski Tips & Calling Tricks

What you will Learn in this Tutorial

In this episode of “Ski Tips & Calling Tricks,” Jens and Josh attempt various advanced ski tricks, including a 50-50 iron cross on a flat-down box, a hand plant 360, a front slide backslide, a sniper tap on a downhill rail, and a switch tail butter to backslide. They provide tips and advice on how to execute each trick successfully. Despite some challenges and imperfect attempts, they maintain a positive attitude and encourage viewers to keep practicing and experimenting with different tricks.


  • Jens and Josh attempt a 50-50 iron cross on a flat-down box, but struggle with the trick and encounter some falls.
  • They discuss the importance of setting a harder 180 rotation and jumping onto the box with more speed to execute the trick properly.
  • One of the hosts tries a hand plant 360 and gives tips on how to achieve the desired rotation and hand placement.
  • They attempt a front slide backslide on a rail, commenting on the technique and emphasizing the need to pop high onto the rail.
  • Another trick they try is a sniper tap on a downhill rail, where they focus on getting a quick snap for a satisfying sound.
  • They advise attempting a switch 50-50 on the last downhill rail and popping a 180 over the king, providing guidance on technique and rotation.
  • They conclude with an attempt at a switch tail butter to backslide trick, acknowledging the difficulty and potential dangers involved.