5 Levels of How to 180 on Skis | Ski Tips & Calling Tricks

What you will Learn in this Tutorial

This episode of “Ski Tips and Calling Tricks” focuses on how to perform a 180 on skis. Josh and Will provide step-by-step instructions on progressing from the easiest version to more challenging variations. They emphasize the importance of control and gradually increasing speed and difficulty. The video showcases different approaches, including side hits, jumping off up ramps, using a flat base takeoff, and adding a shifty motion. They also demonstrate how to incorporate grabs into the 180s, encouraging creativity and experimentation. The video concludes by highlighting how these techniques can serve as building blocks for more advanced tricks like the 360 or 540.


  • The video demonstrates the easiest way to start a 180, using side hits to jump 90 degrees and land in a switch position.
  • Maintaining control of speed is crucial when attempting 180s, as going too fast can hinder proper execution.
  • If struggling to land switch, jumping off a quarter pipe or up ramp allows for a 180 without the need to land in a switch position.
  • Josh and Will progress to the next level by performing a 180 with a flat base takeoff, requiring a full 180 rotation.
  • Adding a shifty is the next step, which involves shifting the skis slightly to the right before spinning to the left and counter rotating the upper body.
  • Progression is key, starting with smaller jumps and gradually increasing to larger jumps to improve the feeling and execution of the