5 Feel Good Rail Tricks and a Tail Drag | Ski Tips & Calling Tricks

What you will Learn in this Tutorial

This video is an episode of “Ski Tips & Calling Tricks” featuring Coaches Josh and Will demonstrating five feel-good rail tricks and a tail drag. They explain their technique and the enjoyable feeling they get while performing these tricks in the snow park.


  • Josh and Will focus on tricks they enjoy doing and feel amazing, such as 180 tail taps and continuous spins.
  • They demonstrate blind surface swaps, which are smooth and fluid motions on the rail.
  • They discuss how the difficulty of blind surface swaps increases with narrower rails.
  • They showcase switch-ons, a trick that requires speed and control on long rail features.
  • They try 180 tail drags, where they absorb the jump and drag their tails before popping the 180 spin.
  • They also perform back swap front twos, a trick that feels good due to its flow and continuous spinning motion.
  • They express their appreciation for park shapers who create the features in the snow park.
  • Josh and Will end the video with a final run on a sea tube feature, emphasizing the enjoyment they experience while skiing.