Camp Levels / Prerequisites

Ski, Freestyle & Freeride Camp Levels

Ski Camp Level 0

  • 0 previous skiing required
  • You have skied 1-2 times or have never skied before
  • We currently do not offer this level of ski camp but we will start 2025


Ski Camp Level 1

  • Able to ski mostly parallel down a red European ski slope which is roughly equivalent to a North American blue run


Ski Camp Level 2

  • Parallel skidded turns on red runs
  • Carving on blue runs


Ski Camp Level 3

  • Carving on steep red runs
  • Short turns on a black run


Intro to Freeride Camp Level 0

  • No previous powder/freeride expereience needed
  • Carving on easy red runs
  • Short turns on a black run


Freeride Camp Level 1 (We plan to offer this camp January-February 2025)

  • Several days of previous powder/freeride experience
  • Physically strong (ski whole day in freeride conditions)
  • Can ski 1000 vertical meter freeride runs (3000 feet)



Freestyle Level 0

  • Zero freestyle skills required
  • Can parallel turn down a red run
  • Carve down a blue run
  • If you can barely hit the required ski ability consider a ski camp first. It´s great to be able to ski well first, but not a must.

Freestyle Level 1

  • 360s over >3m jumps
  • Can do basic grabs >3m jumps
  • Slide basic down boxes
  • Slide easy tubes


Freestyle Level 2

  • 360s with grabs >5m jumps
  • Slide down rails
  • Front and Backside 270´s out


Freestyle Level 3

  • 540s-900s w grabs >5m jumps
  • Switch 540s
  • 270 onto tubes
  • Can slide most tubes and rails


Freestyle Level 4

  • Slightly Better than Level 3