How to Mute Grab on Skis | Beginner Mute, Tweaked & 180 Mute Grab

What you will Learn in this Tutorial

This tutorial provides instructions on how to perform the mute grab on skis, including the beginner mute, tweaked. and 180 mute grab. It emphasizes the importance of practicing on a trampoline and offers tips for executing the grab correctly. The video also mentions the option of joining freestyle camps to improve skills. Additionally, it introduces the concept of tweaking and explains how to incorporate it into the mute grab. Finally, it discusses the progression of the grab, from performing it stationary to incorporating it in rotations.


  • The video explains how to perform the basic mute grab, with an emphasis on practicing on a trampoline to understand the movements.
  • It warns against reaching between the legs during the grab, as it may hinder movement.
  • The concept of tweaking is introduced, with instructions on how to incorporate it into the mute grab.
  • The tutorial suggests joining freestyle camps for adults as a way to improve skills and have a great experience.
  • The next level of the grab involves a mad tweak, where the legs are pulled to the side and the knee is dropped.
  • The tutorial suggests starting with a 180 rotation before attempting the grab in bigger spins.
  • A trailing mute grab allows for reaching for the grab while rotating, creating a nice sensation.
  • Stretching out and slowing down the rotation can enhance the grab in a rotation.