How to Jump on Skis | a Beginner Skiers Progression

What you will Learn in this Tutorial

This video features a beginner skier learning how to jump on skis, with the guidance of Jens. The beginner skier shows promising talent and progresses from warm-up jumps to hitting bigger jumps. Jens provides feedback and advice on technique, focusing on body positioning and timing. They also introduce the beginner skier to performing a mute grab. Overall, the beginner skier shows improvement and successfully navigates the jumps.


  • Beginner skier learns how to jump on skis with the guidance of an experienced skier.
  • Warm-up jumps are performed to reduce the risk of injury.
  • Feedback is given to correct body positioning and timing.
  • Beginner skier practices popping and jumping with skis on.
  • Small side hits are successfully navigated, showcasing improved technique.
  • The beginner skier graduates to hitting medium jumps.
  • Jens encourages the beginner skier to relax and maintain balance.
  • The beginner skier demonstrates good progress and performs jumps with confidence.
  • The beginner skier successfully attempts bigger jumps, showing improved skill and technique.
  • Jens introduces the beginner skier to performing a mute grab.
  • The beginner skier successfully performs the mute grab and enjoys the experience.
  • The video encourages viewers to participate in a contest by posting a video of their own grab.