How to Do the First 5 Grabs in Skiing

What you will Learn in this Tutorial

This tutorial provides a beginner’s guide to performing the first five grabs in skiing. Jens introduces different types of grabs, such as safety grabs, mute grabs, Japan grabs, tail grabs, and truck driver grabs. He explain's the technique for executing each grab and offer tips for improvement. The article also mentions a contest and promotes the instructor’s ski camps.


  • The tutorial teaches the five most important grabs in skiing and introduces a fun twist by suggesting readers try to tweet them.
  • To grab a ski pole, one can use a four-finger grab, a two-finger grab, or skip the pole altogether and grab directly with the hand.
  • Before attempting grabs, skiers must first master jumping and landing techniques.
  • A pre-exercise for grabs involves popping and spreading the legs at the highest point of the jump.
  • The safety grab involves grabbing the ski between the boot and the foot.
  • Mute grabs are performed on the side of the knees, not between the legs.
  • Japan grabs require kicking the leg that is not being grabbed forward.
  • Tail grabs involve twisting the tail of the ski towards the hand.
  • Truck driver grabs involve grabbing in front of the bindings on both skis.