Beginner Learns How to 180 on Skis & How to Boxslide

What you will Learn in this Tutorial

This video tutorial follows Monty as he learns how to do a 180 spin on skis and how to perform a boxslide. Jens provides step-by-step instructions and tips to improve Monty’s technique. The video emphasizes the importance of proper body positioning and the use of momentum to execute the spins and slides correctly.


  • Monty learns how to do a 180 spin on skis by starting with small wind-ups and focusing on jumping off the toes.

  • Jens stresses the importance of accelerating the spin by engaging the hips, knees, shoulders, and arms in a fluid motion.

  • Monty practices the 180 spins on flat terrain before progressing to a small jump.

  • Monty receives feedback on his technique and makes adjustments to improve his spin and landing.

  • The video then switches to Monty learning how to perform a boxslide.

  • Jens demonstrates the proper body positioning and weight distribution for the boxslide.

  • Monty practices sliding on the box with minimal speed and gradually increases the difficulty by incorporating rotations.

  • Jens explains the concept of “locking” for the boxslide and provides guidance on how to control the rotation.

  • Monty successfully completes a clean boxslide and receives encouragement to continue practicing and progressing in his skills.

  • Overall, the video provides a comprehensive tutorial on performing a 180 spin on skis and executing a boxslide, with a focus on proper technique, body positioning, and building confidence through progressive practice.