3 Common Mistakes Beginner Freestyle Skiers Do When Jumping, Spinning & Sliding Boxes

What you will Learn in this Tutorial

This tutorial discusses three common mistakes that beginner freestyle skiers make when jumping, spinning, and sliding boxes. These mistakes can hinder progress and ruin the overall experience. The article provides tips and techniques to fix these mistakes and improve skills.


  • The first mistake is having poor takeoffs or pop, which affects jumps and rotations. Skiers are advised to film themselves to assess their range of motion and work on improving their pop.
  • The second mistake is blocking rotation with the inside arm, which hampers visibility and speed. Skiers are encouraged to practice spinning faster with a straight takeoff and proper arm placement.
  • The third mistake is believing there is friction on boxes and rails, causing skiers to attempt hockey stops, leading to crashes. Skiers are advised to lean forward and commit to the slide, practicing on flat boxes before progressing to more advanced ones.

Tips to Fix the Mistakes

  • For poor takeoffs, skiers need to correct their skiing form by sinking down in their ski boots with a gentle bend at the ankles, knees, and hips. They should focus on the whole motion and gradually increase confidence.
  • To improve rotation, skiers should practice spinning faster with a straight takeoff, using proper arm placement and gradually increasing the size of jumps. T-set 360s can also be helpful.
  • To avoid friction issues on boxes, skiers should commit to leaning forward and keeping their weight evenly distributed. They can start with super flat boxes and gradually work on more advanced ones.