Learning How to Crevasse Rescue | Into the Mountains 4

In this episode of Into the Mountains I go to Chamonix with the plan to ski my lives steepest couloir but due to avalanche danger we had to change the plan and focus on learning about how to navigate around on glaicers and learn how to crevasse rescue. Performing a crevasse rescue is rather complicated and needs to be trained with a professional Mountain Guide like Dave. My hope for this content is to show all the training and practise it takes to hopefully inspire you to also take mountaineering classes or days out with guides to learn. Stay safe and be well! Thank you @DaveSearle and look forward to ski something steeper next time.

See what Dave is up to:

Times Stamps:
00:00 What We Learned Making this Video
00:51 The Day Plan
03:25 Welcome to the Argentière Basin
05:11 How to Transition on a glacier
06:39 How to Ski Glacier Terrain
08:27 How to build an ice anchor
12:25 Different ways to equalise a 2 point anchor with a sling
13:23 What redundancy is
13:55 How to V-Thread / Abalakov Thread
15:44 How to Crevasse Rescue