Couloir Skiing & Learning How to Rappel, Build Snow Anchors & Do Ski Cuts | Into the Mountains 3

In this episode of into the mountains, I learn and practise important skills for ski mountaineering, such as how to rappel into a couloir, also known as "abseiling". The word is german for "ab" meaning down and seil translates to rope which gives the lovely word abseil "to down rope". I also had the pleasure to practise the scary skill of making a snow anchor to abseil off down an ice fall into a lovely little couloir. The last skill I was pleased to get to practise was how to ski cut (to try to release an avalanche to make the couloir safer afterwards). Enjoy.

Daniel Perret Mountain Guide Engelberg, Switzerland

00:00 Planning the day over the phone
02:07 Into the Mountains
03:25 Meeting Daniel in Engelberg
04:28 Learning how to rappel on skis (abseil)
17:38 Learning how to build a snow anchor to abseil from
26:09 Learning how to ski cut ( Don´t go low, too slow, with nowhere to go)
29:29 Daniel´s Advice for Jens to prepare for skiing his first 6000m mountain