The Reality of Learning Freestyle Skiing | Camp Vlog

What you will see in this Camp Vlog

This camp vlog captures the experience of learning freestyle skiing, from beginner to intermediate level. It showcases the challenges and frustrations of mastering tricks on skis, emphasizing the importance of time and effort. While not a tutorial, the vlog provides insights into box slides, building jumps, spinning, and popping. The participants showcase their progress and determination throughout the camp, demonstrating their skills and learning new tricks.


  • The vlog captures the first day of the season, with participants acknowledging that learning tricks takes time and can be difficult.
  • The participants receive tips and guidance from coach Josh, who encourages them to start slowly spinning as they ski onto the box.
  • The camp participants make progress on the boxes, with some experiencing gentle hip crashes but generally excelling.
  • The importance of minimizing the risk of injury by controlling speed is highlighted, and everyone enjoys the day with some freshly fallen snow.
  • Participants aim to learn 360s and 270s, with some successfully completing their first 270s and others working towards their goals.
  • Building jumps becomes the next challenge, as the participants put in the effort to create small but functioning jumps.
  • Participants attempt various tricks, including flips and 360s, while others focus on improving their technique and having a good time.
  • The camp demonstrates the importance of teamwork, with participants helping each other to pack down the jumps and create a safe environment.
  • The camp includes female participants, and the vlog encourages more girls to join, suggesting that they leave any fear behind.
  • The overall experience of the camp is positive and enjoyable, with participants celebrating their achievements and growth throughout the week.