The Reality of Learning Freestyle Skiing 6 | Camp Vlog

What you will Learn in this Tutorial

This camp vlog showcases the learning process of freestyle skiing beginners over a span of two days. The participants receive coaching on various techniques and skills, such as sliding boxes, jumping, and landing. They gradually progress from the small line to the medium line in the terrain park, gaining confidence in the air. The camp also features an induction at Freestyle Academy, providing a safe environment for learning tricks and improving skills.


  • Participants are making great progress, learning jumps, shifties, and box slides.
  • The weather is ideal for the camp, enhancing the experience.
  • Coaching tips are provided on maintaining balance, weight distribution, and technique during slides and jumps.
  • Participants are encouraged to keep their eyes on the landing for improved performance.
  • The four-point landing technique is taught to help with smoother landings.
  • The medium line in the terrain park challenges participants to apply their skills in the air.
  • Freestyle Academy offers a variety of facilities for practicing tricks, spins, and grabs.
  • The use of trampolines allows for repetitive practice and skill development.