The Reality of Learning Freestyle Skiing 5 | Summer Camp Vlog

What you will Learn in this Tutorial

This vlog captures the experience of learning freestyle skiing at a summer camp in Zermatt. The video showcases the jumps available for beginners and more advanced skiers, as well as the progress made by the participants during their time at the camp.


  • The summer camp offers three beginner-friendly jumps and two slightly larger jumps for more advanced skiers.
  • The majestic mountain view in Zermatt is highlighted throughout the video.
  • Participants are seen successfully landing tricks and making progress in their skiing abilities.
  • Jens offers step-by-step guidance on how to perform certain tricks, emphasizing proper technique.
  • Traversing slowly on a flat slope is recommended to further develop skills.
  • The vlog concludes with a recap of the two camp weeks, expressing satisfaction with the progress made and the overall experience.