The Reality of Becoming a Freeride Skier

The Reality of Becoming a Freeride Skier 2

This camp vlog documents the last day of a freeride skiing camp in Andermat, featuring scenic train rides, challenging conditions, and technical ski work. The skiers focus on improving their balance and technique on the piste before venturing into the powder. The local guide expresses satisfaction with the progress of the guests, and the participants enjoy the experience of skiing in the mountains and exploring new areas. The camp also provides a helpful ski technician and valuable feedback to boost confidence on the slopes.


  • Last day of the freeride skiing camp in Undermat
  • Scenic train ride to the slopes
  • Challenging morning conditions with ice and sun not fully out
  • Focus on technique and balance on the piste
  • Ski instructor guides the group and witnesses their progression
  • Skiing in the powder and fresh snow brings more fun than on the groomers
  • Visiting a ski technician before the camp helps boost confidence
  • Enjoying the mountains and exploring new places
  • Skiers feel more confident after receiving feedback and improving their skills
  • Skiers ski the slope one by one for safety reasons
  • Skiing the run for the last time due to safety concerns as it heats up
  • Invitation to join future freeride camps through a link provided
  • Emphasizing the enjoyment of skiing and learning through tutorials.


The Reality of Becoming a Freeride Skier 1

This camp vlog highlights the experience of becoming a freeride skier at a camp in Disentis, Switzerland. The vlog showcases the participants skiing in amazing powder conditions and enjoying the bluebird sunny day. The skiers analyze the angle of the slope and take careful turns to ensure safety. The vlog also emphasizes the importance of mountain safety, including beacon training, to efficiently find and rescue people in case of an avalanche. The participants express their excitement for the first day of freeriding and how they learned to navigate steep slopes. The vlog concludes with an invitation to join the next freeride camp.


  • Participants enjoy skiing in amazing powder conditions
  • Emphasis on analyzing slope angles and taking careful turns for safety
  • Beacon training to efficiently find and rescue people in case of an avalanche
  • Importance of mountain safety and preparation
  • Learning to navigate steep slopes and improve ski technique