The Reality of Becoming a Better Skier

In this ski tutorial, you get a feeling for what the reality is like to become a better skier. It involves both improving your understanding of skiing and doing some ski drills to improve. The skiing took place on day one of a Stomp It Ski Camp for adults.

00:00 Warm up and Dividing Groups
01:56 David Quality Inputs Creates Quality Outcomes (Turns)
03:02 Franz: Teaching Upper-body Posture
03:59 Ski Drill Crossed Arms
05:03 David: What Good Posture Looks Like In Skiing
06:07 What´s The Difference between a Ski School Snake and Snake?
06:52 Franz: Ski Drill Hand on Hips
07:47 David: Why Its Harder to Ski Steeper Terrain
08:19 Good Posture to Be Able to Ski Steeper Slopes
08:44 David: Ski Drill Hands on Hip Flexors to Feel the Posture While Skiing
11:34 Meet The Skiers 


In this ski vlog we show a ski camp where participants are learning and improving their skiing skills. The instructors focus on key fundamental skills like posture, balance, movements, and edging. The participants are trying hard and enjoying the camp and making progress in their skiing abilities. The camp offers personalized feedback and exercises to each participant for individual improvement. The goal is to become more confident, playful, and skillful skiers. 


In this video, you get to tag along with us during day 2 and 5 of our first-ever Ski Technique Camp.