The Reality of Becoming a Better Skier 2 | Camp Vlog

What you will Learn in this Tutorial

This is from a camp vlog that focuses on improving skiing skills. The instructors Ben and David discuss the progress of the participants and the techniques they are working on, such as edging and carving. The camp attendees express their goals and how the training has helped them improve their skiing abilities. The instructors provide personalized feedback and individual exercises for each participant. The camp aims to help skiers build confidence, improve technique, and have fun on the slopes. The video ends with an invitation to join their pre-season camps in Zermat.


  • Participants are working on fundamental ski skills such as balance, posture, and movement.
  • The instructors are pleased with the progress of the group members.
  • The camp focuses on developing the ability to carve and create angles in skiing.
  • Participants express their satisfaction with the teaching quality and the attention given to their technique and improvement.
  • The camp helps skiers build confidence, technique, and skill while having fun on the slopes.
  • Instructors provide individual feedback and exercises tailored to each participant.
  • Participants mention improvements in their skiing, such as better weight distribution and lateral separation.
  • The instructors analyze skiing videos with participants to help them develop a better eye for good skiing technique.
  • The camp emphasizes the importance of pressure, edging, and rotation skills in skiing.
  • The participants have a positive experience learning from the instructors and express their enjoyment of the camp.