Average Skiers Improving Their Posture and Balance | Camp Vlog

In this ski tutorial, you get a feeling for what the reality is like to become a better skier. It involves both improving your understanding of skiing and doing some ski drills to improve. The skiing occurred on day one of a Stomp It Ski Camp for adults.

00:00 Warm up and Dividing Groups
01:56 David Quality Inputs Creates Quality Outcomes (Turns)
03:02 Franz: Teaching Upper-body Posture
03:59 Ski Drill Crossed Arms
05:03 David: What Good Posture Looks Like In Skiing
06:07 What´s The Difference between a Ski School Snake and Snake?
06:52 Franz: Ski Drill Hand on Hips
07:47 David: Why Its Harder to Ski Steeper Terrain
08:19 Good Posture to Be Able to Ski Steeper Slopes
08:44 David: Ski Drill Hands on Hip Flexors to Feel the Posture While Skiing
11:34 Meet The Skiers

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