How to Slide Rails on Skis | an Intermediate Skiers Progression

What you will Learn in this Tutorial 

This is a tutorial on how to slide rails on skis. Jens teaches a guest named Nico various techniques to overcome fear and execute rail slides successfully. The tutorial focuses on proper positioning, weight distribution, visualization, and body movements required for sliding rails.


  • Nico finds sliding rails challenging but acknowledges that overcoming fear and focusing on one thing at a time is essential.
  • Jens emphasizes the need to have most of the weight on the front leg and bend the front leg slightly to maintain balance.
  • Proper wind up and weight transfer are crucial for executing rail slides correctly.
  • Visualization is a helpful technique to prepare mentally before attempting a rail slide.
  • Nico learns to visualize the movements and techniques required to execute rail slides accurately.
  • Jens advises Nico to correct the mistake of putting too much pressure on the back leg by becoming more perpendicular to the rail.
  • Sliding steeper boxes, tubes, and rails require committing down the hill and maintaining a specific leg position to prevent falls.
  • Jens suggests stepping onto the rail to feel the perpendicular position and maintain balance.
  • Having a gap on the rail can help skiers feel safer and prevent the nose of the ski from diving into the rail.