7 Tips on Sliding Boxes & Rails With Style on Skis

What you will Learn in this Tutorial

This video provides 7 tips on how to slide boxes and rails with style on skis. The tips include different techniques for getting on and off the rails, as well as adding more style and tricks to your rail game.


  • The video focuses on three different ways to add more style to your rail game: stepping on the rail, doing a Wally or ollie onto the rail, and hitting the rail from the side.
  • When stepping on the rail, it is important to lift the nose of the skis and use the edge of the boots to step onto the rail.
  • The Wally technique involves hitting the rail straight on top and using a firm ollie to get a good hang time.
  • Hitting the rail from the side requires leaning back, widening your feet, and staying low to maintain balance.
  • Tips for jumping off the rail with style include popping out of the rail and doing an ollie to move off the rail, as well as learning front and backside 270s.