10 Freestyle Ski Drills for Beginner To Advanced Skiers

What you will Learn in this Tutorial

This video provides a guide on 10 freestyle ski drills for beginner to advanced skiers. The drills aim to improve skills such as pop, balance, rotation, ollieing, rail sliding, and switch reverts. The drills progressively increase in difficulty and can be beneficial for skiers of all levels.


  • Drill 1: Four-point landing drill helps improve balance and landing perpendicular on jumps.
  • Drill 2: The “spready” or pop weight and spread drill focuses on developing patience and controlled pops.
  • Drill 3: Ollie over drill involves ollieing onto various objects like poles and rails.
  • Drill 4: The box slide drill helps skiers practice balance and rotation on a flat box or rail.
  • Drill 5: Jump onto the rail drill teaches skiers how to approach a rail with a carve and slight rotation.
  • Drill 6: Snowball on a box drill trains skiers to pop onto the box and land in a good position.
  • Drill 7: T-setting 180s helps skiers practice completing the rotation and pointing towards the landing.
  • Drill 8: “Spin to Win” challenge encourages skiers to plan and execute a series of spins throughout a run.
  • Drill 9: Switch revert drill focuses on learning how to transition from switch to forwards skiing.
  • Drill 10: Switch J10 180 drill teaches skiers a different method of initiating a spin with a J-turn and pop.