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Is Carv Changing Skiing? Exploring the Secrets of 200 Million Ski Turns | Jamie Grant

In this podcast, I talk to Jamie Grant founder & CEO of Carv Digital Ski Coach. Being a passionate skier with degrees in Physics and Economics he had the skill set to analyse complicated data. This helped Jamie to start developing a digital ski coach that uses sensors to measure your skiing and give you real-time feedback. The product he wished he had to develop his own skiing back in the day. We talk about what he learned from analysing millions of turns from some of the best in the world and how it compares to the average skier. Enjoy!

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Listen to the Podcast: https://anchor.fm/stomp-it-pod

00:00 Intro
01:03 The reason why Jamie started Carv
10:25 What does expert skiing look like in data?
16:46 Top 3 metrics that separate experts from intermediate skiers?
21:41 Will there be an upper-body sensor?
23:00 What were the biggest hurdles in developing Carv?
24:33 What did it cost to develop Carv?
26:00 Should ski instructors be afraid to lose their jobs to this digital ski coach?
31:48 Skiing fast does not feel as great as carving well
34:42 How to hack ski IQ
35:43 What are you struggling with your own skiing?
39:00 What has the Carv data taught you about ski gear?
40:47 The future of Carv
44:50 How analyse video of ski performance?
46:03 When will you do freestyle skiing?
48:15 The future of ski technology
56:49 What is Carv?
59:00 The subway story
01:05:09 Teaching Pruth to Ski
01:07:48 First day on skis mode?
01:09:03 What inspired Jens to start Stomp It?
01:16:41 Jens favourite parts of Carv
01:22:40 To have fun, challenge yourself and find flow
01:24:40 Why you need better technique to rotate less when doing double corks

Links to things we talked about:
Double cork part 1: https://youtu.be/32em513qNds
Double Cork part 2: https://youtu.be/y8ulsv85z4Y
Stay motivated by achieving FLOW: https://www.ted.com/talks/mihaly_csikszentmihalyi_flow_the_secret_to_happiness?language=en

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