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In this ski touring tutorial we squeezed 10 tutorials into one so it will contain a lot of information but we could obviously not cover everything and we apologies for that so make sure to take appropriate safety courses! Dave Searl teaches us many basics tips and tricks about ski touring. A few things we learn are how to plan your next ski tour, how to pack for ski touring, how to put climbing skins on, using pin bindings, how to kick turn, how to choose a safe line to walk up and much much more. Remember to take avalanche courses or join a guide to learn more about the hazarads of ski touring.

Things you will learn in this touring tutorial:
01:00 Planning | Look at the Weather & Avalanche conditions
02:09 Precautions we where taking
02:51 Planning tools
1. Guide book
2. Map
3. Digital Fatmaps (make sure to have analog map to due to connectivity)
4. Ask locals
03:45 Equipment / Packing
05:05 Putting the skins on
05:54 How to
06:23 How to set up the ski boots for walking up hill
06:56 How to step into pin bindings
07:21 How to choose where to walk up
07:54 How to know if the slope is less than 30° steep
08:24 Measuring if the slope is more than 30°. 30° or less than 30°
09:05 How to walk on touring skis
0946 How to kick turn
10:45 3 Tips on walking efficiently
12:10 How to take the skins off

Planning and preparation
More in-depth packing video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzfczOVbhyM

Avalanche courses:
Switzerland: https://www.swissalpineguides.ch/english/AvalancheCourse/avalanche
Sweden: http://svelav.se/
USA: https://avtraining.org/recprogram/
Canada: https://www.avalancheassociation.ca/
France: https://www.chamex.com/trip_courses/aiare-level-1-chamonix

Avalanche bulletins:
European bulletins: http://www.avalanches.org/eaws/en/main.php
USA: https://avalanche.org/
Canada: https://www.avalanche.ca/map

See what Dave is up to:

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