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The Most Controversial Footbed in Skiing

In this snippet from our full podcast, I talk to Tom Gellie about the interesting footbed he is currently using. Join a Camp: https://stompitcamps.com/

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Ski Philosophy Boot Mods & More With Tom Gellie | Stomp It Pod

In this episode of the stomp it pod I have a wonderful conversation with Tom Gellie from Big Picture Skiing. We talk about what frustrates us within our different disciplines of expertise. Common mistakes skiers do, instructors do and how we can all improve.

00:00 Intro
01:09 How Stomp It Tutorials got started
05:00 What frustrates you?
06:15 A quest towards better explanations
09:00 How to pop on skis
13:51 Why to do drills
15:00 JensĀ“s most boring ski technique drill (Correction: I meant lift down hill ski and and turn on the outside ski)
19:15 Did Jens improve thanks to the slow drills?
19:50 Fore/aft when carving
23:10 Beginner issues with the cue to lean forward
29:40 Most common mistakes instructors do
36:46 Most common mistakes skiers do
38:15 How to find new solutions to your ski issues

Join a Ski Technique, Freestyle or Freeride Camp this winter: https://stompitcamps.com/camps

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