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How to tail butter on skis

Steps in tutorial:

  • 01:18 Step 1 Switch skid around tiny butter
  • 02:30 Step 2 Switch tail butter 180 tiny roller
  • 02:44 Step 3 Switch tail butter 360 small roller
  • 03:39 Step 4 Switch tail butter 3´s and 5´s
I know you are eager to learn but lets do it step by step and you will learn it fast
Carve in with a bit of wind up. The carve should then go into a skidded turn.
As you have skidded about 90° lean back quite some. The softer flex your skis have the easier it will be.
Pop of the tails to either straight 180° or bring it all the way around into a switch tail butter 360°(way cooler)
Doing your first tail butters should be done with an amazing view. If you can´t find a spot like this one you can settle for just a flat easy slope.
Find a nice tiny roller and increase the speed a bit. Start with Tail butter 180 just like on the flat.
Now when you have more speed coming in towards the roller its even more important to carve in. Just like before have a bit of a wind up and let the carve start to skid around.
Lean back a lot. Some people also feel like it helps to lift the toes up inside the ski boots.
At 180° you it´s ideal to pull in the arms to accelerate the rotation for the last 180.
Pop hard of the tails and shove you hip forwards and up. This will help you land perpendicular to the landing.
Increase the size of the roller and speed coming in towards it.
Do a smooth carve riding in. I also find it important to keep the feet pretty close together. Keeping the feet close together prevents you from catching and edge!
I keep the feet close together all the time during a good tail butter. I personally find this a bit hard to do.
Popping hard of the tails and shoving that hip up and forwards helps you to uncork/tilt it enough forward to land nicely.
If you done it well you should land nicely perpendicular like this.
PLEASE AVOID THIS! If your leading foot sleeps away before your other foot it can catch an edge and you are in trouble.
After that poor take off of mine I was lucky enough to have a pretty solid take of so I could pop up and onto them tails.
Before even considering this make sure to know good Sw Cork 540´s! When I do tail butter corks I do it in the same way but I lean back pretty hard like if I would do a Switch Cork 540.
At 180° the tails just flop away underneath myself and I go into a cork 360 of the tails pretty much.
After take off just chill and stay tucked so you can uncork the rotation. I find it to be rather hard no to over rotate the Sw tail butter cork 540s thus the flailing around with the arms in the air.
If you´re feeling sendy try the Switch tail butter 720s it feels great but I find it hard to cork it hard enough.

Have fun out there learning tail butters on rollers, jumps and onto rails or where you want to do them!

Stomp It,

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