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How to Slide Kinked Rails on Skis | Slide It, Front Swap & K-fed

In this intermediate Freestyle ski tutorial, we learn how to slide kinked rails like a down flat down. First, we look at how to jump on it, adjust the posture with the rail then learn to use the flat as a jump to do a front swap. Lastly, we talk about how to do the famous K-Fed on rails.

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00:00 What you will learn
00:26 1: How to Slide a Double Kinked Tube (Down Flat Down)
02:08 Ski Camps for Adults | Freestyle, Skiing & Freeride
03:01 2: How Front Swap on Skis on Kinked Rail (Tube)
04:20 3: How to K-Fed on Skis (2 Kinked Rail)

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