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How To Ski Powder | 10 Tips To Improve Your Long Turns

In this how to ski powder tutorial we teach you how to make better long turns. You know those beautiful swooping turns you see in the ski movies.

00:00 Intro
00:45 Section 1: Become Agile
01:04 Section 2: Build Accuracy
01:22 Section 3: Build speed control
01:55 Become Agile | Be Subconsciously Adaptable
03:23 Become Agile | Practise Short Turns
04:15 Become Agile | Do Long Turns over Bumpy Terrain
04:53 Become Agile | Ski the Hard Way Home
05:36 Reminder of the Dangers
06:04 Build Accuracy | Gentle blend of Inclination & Angulation
07:07 Build Accuracy | Stand Width Depending on Speed / Skill
07:58 Build Accuracy | Carv Parallel Index
08:59 Build Accuracy | Hip and Skis Pointing Forward
09:35 Build Accuracy | Control your Skis with Leverage
10:38 Speed Control on Steeps | Comparing on Piste vs Powder
11:16 Speed Control on Steeps | Adapt the three phases of the turn

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