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How to ski powder | 10 Tips for beginners

In this ski tutorial, we teach you how to safely start learning how to ski powder on the slopes and avalanche controlled runs. We give you a bunch of tips and drills on how to ski the powder but also a few tips on safety and what safety equipment we freeride skiers always bring and must know how to use even in stressful situations.

00:00 Intro
00:49 Stay safe 1: Avalanche terrain
01:25 Where to ski 1: Powder on a groomed slope
01:47 Where to ski 2: Avalanche controlled slope
02:03 Drill 1: Pivot slip / Braquage
03:27 Join a Stomp It Freeride Camp
03:48 Drill 2: Ridge riding
04:33 Stay safe 2: Learn more to ski more terrain
05:07 Drill 3: Powder on a groomed slope
06:00 Stay safe 3: Check the avalanche bulletin
06:44 Drill 4: Pumping powder
07:44 Stay safe 4: Rescue practise
08:16 Drill 5: Pump and turn
09:17 Equipment: Skis, poles & Backpack
11:13 The monoski
12:13 Carv data
13:24 Drill 7: Speed in between turns
14:09 Drill 8: Pole plant

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