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How To Short Turn on Skis | Live Coaching | 10 Tips

In this "How To Short Turn on Skis" tutorial, you get to watch our head ski instructor Josh teach Will one of our freestyle coaches to improve his early edging on his short turns. In this video, you will learn about the importance of having a nice turn shape and finding the edge first before you let it steer or rotate.

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00:00 Intro
01:03 Josh´s Short Turn Demo
02:14 Will´s issue and first feedback
04:23 1. Ski the turns more open to help find the edge early
04:31 2. Reduce the speed with more edge angle rather than rotation
05:23 3. Patience, it's normal that your turns feel whack at first!
07:13 4. Feel the EDGE first then let it SKIDD
08:17 5. Worth repeating: EDGE FRIST!
09:36 6. Banashaped turns with a focus on early edge
10:06 7. Icy - Focus on outside ski pressure
12:21 8. A wide stance can help
13:16 9. Edge more while skidding
15:49 Funnel Drill to have a chance to feel the edge first
17:42 10. Use video analysis

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