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How to overcome fear:

  • 01:47 Step 1 Reframe fear (it is something useful)
  • 02:16 Step 2 Specify what you fear (Rotate to early, jump to low, be too close to the rail)
  • 03:44 Step 3 Practise on safe features
  • 07:45 Step 4 Visualize how its done
  • 11:06 Step 5 Face your fear when your ready
  • 12:59 Step 6 Keep going!!!
  • 14:39 Step 7 Take a step back or up on that horse again

I show you how I learn a new trick that I did not learn because of a terrible crash my brother had when learning it. A few of the things I bring up is how to re-frame fear as something useful, how you can specify what you fear so you can break it down and overcome it.

Define what you fear so that you can break it down and practise the things you fear in a safe environment.
Once you have practised and you feel confident it is time to try the trick you have been dreaming of / fearing.
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