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How to Nose Butter on skis for beginners

In this beginner freestyle ski tutorial we teach you how to nose butter on skis. Learning to do basic forms of nose butters is rather easy and is a ton of fun.

00:00 Intro
00:50 How to butter while standing still
01:27 How to nollie on skis
01:43 How to nose manual on skis
02:03 Equipment: Best skis for butters
02:30 How to slope spin on skis
03:15 How to nose butter 90° (traverse)
03:54 How to nose butter 180° (traverse)
04:37 Equipment: Flex and mounting point
04:55 How to nose butter 270° (traverse)
05:48 Pole plant
06:14 How to nose butter 360° on skis
07:22 Equipment: DIN settings
07:51 Common mistakes
09:14 Best features: Rollers, Jumps and Banks

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