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How to Mute Grab

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  • How to mute grab 00:25
  • How to tweak the mute grab 01:20

How to mute grab on skis

Before trying mute grabs in jumps practise the technique while laying on your back with the feet in the air. To make it as easy as possible to get the grab you must both reach with your hand towards the ski as well as pull you legs towards your hand. These two techniques combined at the same time is gonna make you land the mute grabs really fast.
When you try your first mute grab in a jump just focus on pulling up the ski you are going to grab and reaching down with the grabbing hand and ignore what the other foot is doing. Remember that is the right hand that grabs the left ski or if you are left handed your left hand that grabs the right ski.

How to tweak the mute grab

To make the mute grab more correct and tweaked we need to pull up the other foot as well. So now you need to pull up both skis and reach down and grab the left ski with the right hand or the opposite.
In order to maintain this nice tweak you will have to counter weigh the tweak by raising your hand up towards the sky. This is important in order to maintain good balance and control in the air and if not you will start tipping in the air towards the side.
The better you get at grabbing the more you can pull your skis up on the side of your body to add more style. Notice how the legs are bend almost like I am kneeling on the ground. You can practice this by laying on your back in the snow again or sitting in the sofa at home.
In order to tweak it like its 1998 you will at the take off have to swing your legs up on the side of your body really hard in order to do some serious tweaking.
In order to counter weigh the tweak now you have to swing your up up towards the sky with almost equal force as you swung your legs.
You can be sure that with and old school looking tweak like this you will be impress some shredders of the opposite gender!

Good luck and Stomp It!

Here is how you can make an old school mute into a rad looking new school trick:

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