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Cool tricks

  • 00:54 Shifty tail drag
  • 01:30 Ollie 180 and 180 tail drag
  • 03:00 Switch 180s made cool
  • 04:00 Lazy boy 180 drop
  • 05:05 Nollie shifty and Nollie 180
This is real fun so pay attention now :P
To do the shifty tail drags over rollers its a good idea to first practise a couple of shifty in a small jump. Counter rotation is the key technique in doing a shifty. You twist your skis one way and the upper body the other.
When I tail drag over a roller I like to do it for as long as possible. With that I mean I ideally want to drag up and down the top of the roller. But this is not the only way to to it.
Some times I like to shifty the tail drag more the longer I tail drag but this is rather hard to be honest.
Vinnie here he pops over the top of the roller. Does a big old shifty mid flight and just waits for the landing.
He leans lands back seated on purpose pushing the tails dragging skis down on the down part of the roller.
Once the fun tail drag is about to come to an end just twist back the counter rotated body to normal again.
Before you start doing some ollie 180s or tail drag 180s start practising your normal ollies.
To do an ollie swing the arms up hard, pop hard but lean back and bend the tail of the ski
Try to level out in such a way that you land with the ski flat with the body weight centered
To ollie 180 wind up some rotation as your ride forwards.
It really is just a mix between a normal 180 and and ollie. Swing those arms a bit and pull them in to speed up the rotation.
Once you feel confident you can go ollie 180 over a sweet roller like there.
I love to drag both up and down the top of the roller before doing the late ish 180.
My style friend Vinnie here he pops up and over the top of the roller and drags just the down part of the roller. He makes this trick look much cooler than the way I do it so try both.
cool (ish)
First and easiest way to make your switch 180s look a little cooler is to do a switch late 180. Once you got the under control it will be rather easy to Sw ollie 180 or tail drag.
Switch 180 to tail drag feels really fun and I find it to be a good starting point to later on learn some switch tail butter 360s which are pretty much the same thing.
Switch ollie or nollie what ever this is really called is a little awkward to do but you can probably make yours look way cooler then mine on this photo.
You can start sitting down on the ground and try pushing your hand down. Do it with a bit of speed to and think about what it may feel like to do of a tiny drop.
You can start trying this on a roller that goes from flat to rather steep. I did not find a better one than to do it in to the mini pipe which isn´t really ideal but it works.
Ready to take it to the gnarly off piste? Make sure you will not drag the hand into a rock or something like it!
It is suprisingly easy and fun!
When you do an ollie you pop hard not up like normal but forwards.
You must be a little patient and lean forwards and allow your self to bend the skis. Let the flex of the ski pop you up in the air.
To do a shifty nollie you will have to put in some serious power to do this with style. Nollie and push the noses off to the side. Vinnie here says he wants to push of the noses edge so it sort of pushes him forwards. Doing it this way is very cool but high risk. As with many tricks high risk high reward. I will show you a safer way to do it in two pic´s.
Push hard of the gnarly edges and make sure that you have enough pop and hang time that you have time to pull the skis up before you catch an edge!!!
Notice the knees of Erik here how he has angled them up the hill so he pops of the up hill edges witch us much safer but looks a little less rad. This led him to doing a quadruple nose and tail tap 180 to make it cool ;)

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to make easy tricks like 180s rather "cool".

Have fun adding a bit more style to your tricks!

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