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Techniques in tutorial

  • 01:05 1st way to K-FED
  • 03:18 2nd way to K-FED
Using counter rotation both on and during the swop you can spin fast off the rail
A flat tube i great to get started on. Flat boxes are also good. Warm up with some FS Swops to Switch.
Before you start trying your first K-Fed on skis I suggest you can grab a stick or anything the looks a bit like a rail and practise the technique in you shoes. 1st way to do this is by jump on to the rail and use counter rotation to twist the feet on to the rail while you upper body keep pointed towards the "landing".
While you are on the nice stick on the pretty field maintain the upper body position pointed towards the landing. Lock/Scissor the feet a bit and jump.
Just twist the feet 180° while the upper-body is pointing towards the landing.
After you have done a swop using mainly counter rotation a bit of a lock / scissor is also helpful your chest is still pointing towards the landing. Try to keep your arms a little wide it helps with the balance but also you have a good amount of wind up here. Standing like this helps you spin really fast of the rail since you are standing on the rail with a wind up. Notice how I can swing the left arm a long way before I smack my self in the chest with the hand. This way of doing it is great for Super Fed. Try doing this both natural and unnatural and see what works the best for you.
At the take of use counter rotation to twist the skis the 90° on to the rail and the upper body will twist the other way. Focus on pointing the chest towards the landing all the way over the rail.
I like to land on the rail with an immediate lock like this. Focus on locking the ski infront of you. The rear ski also helps to lock but not so important. Keep the chest pointing slightly towards the landing.Pull them arms in fast to speed of the rotation of the backside 270° out.
Put some extra pressure on the front foot because many puts to little on it. More pressure = more lock and spin out.
Pull them arms in fast to speed of the rotation of the backside 270° out.
Second way you can do a K-Fed is great for you who can´t do unnatural backside 270 out very well or if you want to learn fun stuff like one footed K-Feds.
Rotate 90° with feet and upper body in one smooth motion onto the rail.
Land with an immediate loch and allow your upper body to keep rotating a bit doing a so called "wind up" while on the rail. Use that wind up to do a really fast wind up. It should almost be fast enough to do a 450° out.
After the swop just pop of the rail and continue the rotation by holding your hands close to your body.
Try to avoid jumping far off to the right or left of the rail.
Try to make it realistic and land where you are supposed to.
So find a nice flat tube or box. Rotate the 90° on to the box in one smooth motion.
Land on the box or tube with an immediate lock/scissor. Allow the upper body to keep rotating a wee bit. Use the wind up to set off a really fast swop.
Continue the rotation while you are on the rail and simply pop of the feature.
Pull in the arms to speed up the rotation.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and will have a great time learning this fun trick!

Stomp It,

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