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How to flatspin and rodeo on skis

Tips in this tutorial:

  • 01:30 What the difference is between a Flatspin and a Rodeo
  • 04:03 How to rodeo 360 on a trampoline
  • 06:07 How to rodeo 540 on a trampoline
  • 06:42 How to flat 540 on a trampoline
  • 08:12 What the difference is between a flatspin and a misty
  • 08:18 How to flatspin on skis
  • 09:50 How to rodeo 360 on skis (often called flat 3)
  • 10:21 How to rodeo 540 on ski
  • 10:50 Discussing what trick is what with Jacob
In this ski tutorial, we are going to learn how to flatspin on skis and how to rodeo on skis. To learn the trick we off course have a look at what’s the difference is between the two and how the tricks are done on trampoline. Some of you are going to think they should be named the inverse but here’s my thinking. The more forwards set is possible to make much less inverted than the trick with the backward set. Thus the real flatspin should be set a wee bit forwards. I too call the crooked backflip a flat 3 every now and then to keep it simple even if I believe the correct name should be rodeo 3. The aviation industry has an explanation for what it is.

I have done my homework and I hope this video may clarify the two tricks and does not add to the confusion.
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