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How To Carve on Skis | Fixing 3 Advanced Common Mistakes

In this ski tutorial, our head ski instructor Josh is teaching Jens an Advanced skier how to carve better on skis. They work on 3 common mistakes such as an outward rotating hip, too early angulation and a too forward leaning torso.

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00:00 Intro
00:37 Josh analysis of Jens Carving
01:14 Issue 1: Outward Rotating Hip
02:14 Drill 1: Skis. Knees, Hip & Shoulders Squared
04:07 Issue 2: Too Early Angulation
04:19 Turn with Only Inclinations / Topple
04:51 Issue 3: Too Forward Leaning Torso
05:04 Drill 3: Upright Torso
06:30 Tactical Tip: Start slow and let speed build slowly
09:36 Drill 4: Mirror the Leader
10:51 Drill 5: Get Challenged on the Steeps
14:40 Tracking the Improvements

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