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How to carve on skis | 5 Tips & Drills for Beginners

In this how to carve on skis tutorial, we start out teaching you how the ski carve through the snow. Then we show you some beginner to intermediate drills to make your first carved turns on skis. As we move through the ski tutorial we make it gradually more difficult and add some theory along the way. Come here and learn together with us at our Ski Technique Camps: https://stompitcamps.com/camps/

00:00 Intro
00:43 Understand | How the ski carves
01:40 Understand | Skidded vs Carved turn
02:42 Choose good terrain | Green or blue slopes
02:59 Traversing | Feel the side cut
03:53 Traversing | How to make a J-Turn
05:58 Rail roads | Roll the feet, ankles and knees
08:00 Carved turns | Achieve critical edge angle
08:35 Carv | Critical edge angle data
10:34 Carved turns | Improving the transitions
11:41 Carved turns | Combine inclination with angulation
12:38 The Mad Angles | The Final Frontier
13:36 Enjoy your new skills | Draw beautiful lines

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