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How To Carve on Skis | 3 Types of Turns To Ski Any Slope

In this ski tutorial, you will learn how to carve on skis with a cross over and also with a cross under. The third and final type of carved turn is the Stivot which can make an average skier able to carve down any slope on skis.

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00:00 How to Carve on Skis with a Cross Over, Under and Stivot
00:37 Step 1: Feel the Cross Over Standing Still
01:30 Step 2: Try to Soften the Long Leg to Cross Over Smoothly
02:03 Step 3: Try to Extend the Short Leg as an Alternative Way to Cross Over
02:29 Step 4: Try Cross Over to High Pressure Angulation
03:38 Ski Technique Camps for Adults
03:58 How to Carve on Skis with a Cross Under
04:24 Step 1: Double Swords Drill
05:12 Step 2: Toilette Transition Drill
06:46 Carv Video Analysis | Cross Over vs Cross Under
08:23 How to Stivot on Skis
08:58 Step 1: Stivot in Ski Boots
10:08 Step 2: Low Speed and Long Transition Stivot
10:29 Step 3: Stivot Turn (For speed control)

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