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How to butter on skis

Steps in tutorial

  • Step 1: Small carved 360´s 01:00
  • Step 2: Find a good knuckle/roller 01:10
  • Step 3: Do it at low speed 01:20
  • Step 4: Carve + Speed = Rad Nose butter 01:50
  • Make it even stylier by refining the technique 02:20
You will have to learn how to do small and fast rotating carved 360 in order to learn this trick
As you carve to the left you spin to the left. It´s a bit awkward at first to carve to the left and wind up to the right at first but with practise it will feel great.
In the air it just lika another 360. Make sure to learn this very well before starting to do the nose butter 360.
A good knuckle looks something like this nice and round which gives you enough air time to complete the 360. The steeper the transition and landing the more air time you will get but less "butter time". With that in mind the landing of a jump is often perfect place to start.
Ride straight toward the lip of the roller with low speed with a lot of wind up
Set of the rotation pretty hard, pop a bit and start leaning the entire body forward / into the butter to the side like this
You will start to butter at 90°-180°. When you start to butter late like this it makes it easy to get started but we need to refine the technique later in this tutorial.
To make it much more rad we will have to learn to carve then do the nose butter 3
As you are carving in you need to wind up the rotation in the opposite direction and spin pretty hard as you take offPop pretty hard at first so your feet comes up in the air and lean forwards towards the side/up hill.
Pop pretty hard at first so your feet comes up in the air and lean forwards towards the side/up hill.
As you are buttering have a strong pressure on your chins. This way of doing it is easy but we need to refine the technique further
To make the nose butter this wicked we gotta carve and gradually ad more pressure on the noses.
Carve and start moving the center of gravity towards the noses as your carve starts to skid
Lean forwards and to the side
As you are leaning forwards and to the side have a lot of shin pressure so you really bend those skis
A the end your the flex of the skis will help you pop back on your skis again
In Gary here´s defence he´s got a really stiff ski but lets have a look at how to butter any ski.
By leaning more forwards and having a lot of shin pressure by having stronger or flexing harder the hamstrings this could have been a sweet butter
At the take off you can also try to set the rotation downwards like on a cork 360 this will also help to butter with style.
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