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How to boxslide for the first time

Tricks in tutorial

  • 5050 on flat box 00:22
  • Late box slide 01:04
  • Box slide to straight 02:36

5050 on flat box

Pop on to the box and land with both of your skis completely flat against the box.
Point the skis straight forward with your body weight centered straight above your bindings. Also remember to have your knees slightly bent so you can pop of the end of the box.

Late box slide

Ride with the left hand in front of you if you want to slide with your left foot first or vice versa
Ride with your skis straight on to the box like we did on the 5050´s
Twist your skis when you are about half way over the box using counterrotation

Box slide to straight

Ride with your left hand in front of you if you want to slide with your left foot first or vice versa.
Be patient and make sure to pop just at the end of the jump.
While using counter rotation to twist your skis keep focusing on pointing your chest straight towards the landing all the way over the box.
You can have you front ski slightly edged while the back ski ski is flat against the box. Pop of and twist your skis back to straight again.

Box slide to fakie

Wind up a little bit of rotation, less then on a 180.
Be patient and pop at the end jump before you start rotating.
While on the box look towards the landing with your arms positioned on the sides.
Pop of and stomp the switch landing. If you are not comfortable riding switch yet find a box where the landing is much more flat than this one.
Now when you got the box slides down go a head and practise it on more advanced features in the park
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