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How To Become a World-class Freeride Skier With Reine Barkered

In this ski podcast, I talk to the Freeride World Tour legend Reine Barkered, about freeride skiing, early inspiration, how to drop cliffs and much more.

šŸŽ§ Full Podcast: https://anchor.fm/stomp-it-pod

00:00 Intro
00:25 How to drop on skis
04:40 How to drop big on skis
08:37 How Reine became a world-class skier?
09:22 First and only FIS-Race & Bad atmosphere in racing
11:00 Early ski inspirations, Propaganda, Free Radicals
13:42 What ski instructing taught Reine about skiing
16:10 Skiing Race-Pow?!?!
17:22 Three reasons why there are so many Swedish athletes on FWT despite our small mountains?
19:50 How to train for the Freeride World Tour
23:37 How to plan a world champion freeride run
26:27 How to scout ski lines
32:39 ReineĀ“s first day on the Freeride World Tour
34:45 How has the life of pro skiers changed over the last 14 years?
38:00 Where is the fountain of youth?
47:00 WhatĀ“s next?
50:35 What content should Reine Make?
52:34 How do you manage fear/nerves?
01:11:35 How to go from intermediate to advanced skiing?

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