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How to 360 on skis – Mute Grab

Tricks in tutorial:

  • Mute grab basics 01:00
  • How to 360 mute grab 01:20
  • Common mistakes 02:52

Mute grab basics

We will learn the 360 mute grabs in a similar way as we did in the how to mute grab tutorial. First we start off just focusing on getting the grab by pulling up one ski and reaching down to grab it
Once you gotten the the grab a couple of times focus on pulling both skis up. This ads a lot more style.

360 mute grab on skis

Before you attempt the 360 mute grab lay down and practise on the ground a couple of mute grabs. While doing the mute grabs while laying down close your eyes and imagine yourself doing a 360 at the same time. This will help you be mentally prepared for getting the grab maybe even first try.
First time when you are doing a 360 mute grab I want you to think that you are doing a straight 360 and the only thing you change is that you reach down with you right hand and pull up you left ski if you are spinning to the left and the opposite if you prefer spinning to the right. This is the only change you are doing. When this works for you meaning you get the grab and land on your skis and ride away it is time to ad more style
When you are comfortable grabbing mute while spinning you will have to pull both your skis up so it looks cooler. Just like when doing safety or japan start pulling up your legs then reach down with your hand
Once you got the grab you should try to keep both your skis pretty close together
To get the perfect cross it is important to get a solid grip over the edge of the ski and pull it up as well as twisting the ankle and knee in the opposite direction so you get a perfect cross like this

Common mistakes

One common mistake is to let go of the grab to early. For problems with the spin learn it from our 360 tutorial in the beginner pack

Fixing the common mistake

Fixing the problem with letting go to early is easy. set of a faster spin and you will be able to relax more in the air and hold the grab for longer. On top of this tip you should also be stubborn and just hold on to it for longer
Oh yes don forget it is also cool to get the grab early in the rotation like in this case at 90 degree spin
Hold it!
Let go before its to late! I think it is ok to let go when its about 90 degrees left of the rotation. Any how the longer you can hold the grab the better score in competitions but gives you less time to react and embrace for the landing.

Good luck stomping this good old awesome trick!

Learn 360´s with Japan, Tail 5´s and more check out the intermediate tutorial pack.

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