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How to Cork 720 on skis

Tricks in tutorial

  • Cork to back on trampoline 02:20
  • Cork 720 on trampoline 03:20
  • Cork 720 on snow 05:30
  • Common mistakes 08:50

What´s a cork 720?

When doing a cork 720 you should look down and slightly behind yourself just as you take off the trampoline. This movement sets of a rotation where the body gets tilted back.
The head will be pointing straight back at first and as you rotate its going to move towards the side.
As you can start to see where you are going to land the head will point towards the side of the trampoline.
It´s the same on skis. As you pop off the kicker you look down and behind your tails.
The head will be pointing straight back at first and as you rotate it’s going to move towards the side.
As the head and body gets tilted towards the side you will be able to spot the landing.

Cork to back

When you do the cork to back set of a normal rotation but you slightly lean back and look at the line behind yourself.
Pull your legs in and land on your back with your head pointing towards the side of the trampoline. After the back landing you will bounce up and land onto your feet again.
Once you got the hang of the cork to back it’s a good idea to do a couple of normal 720´s. This is a good idea so you remember that a cork to back is not that different from a normal 720. If you go from doing corks to back and do attempt the cork 7 you might over cork it.

Cork 720 on trampoline

Land with some wind up so you can set of a fast rotation enough rotation for a 720
When you stand in the middle of the trampoline look at the back of the trampoline when you set off the rotation.
Pull in your legs as early as you can. This is important in order to cork out the rotation.
Look around your shoulder all the time in the rotation. This will help you keep spinning fast and spot the landing quickly.
The first couple of corks should be very corked so start out looking a bit further back so you just cork a bit. Then when you get more comfortable look closer and closer to where you are standing on the trampoline and cork more.

Common mistakes

Common mistake 1: Over corking is very common when first attempting corks. It happens because my buddy here is throwing himself to hard back and to early
The to hard and early set resulted in a harmless ass landing.
To fix the problem with over corking start over and do a couple of straight 7s and then lean back just a little. Once this feels better start to lean back more.
Common mistake 2: If you don’t uncork the rotation properly we need to get you to pull up your legs earlier and hold them there for longer
To uncork the rotation better take a safety grab and try to get it early. On this cork 7 I grab it at 180
Try to also hold the grab for longer here I grabbed it until 540 maybe you can grab it for longer

Cork 720 on snow (Before you even attempt the cork 720 on snow make sure to land several straight 720s with a grab)

Just like on the trampolin lean back and look slightly behind your tails
Pull up your legs as soon as you leave the kicker
Go for a safety grab as early as you can
Look around your shoulder so you can spot the landing early
I can´t emphasis it enough: where you look at the take off is going to determine how much you are going to cork. Just like on the trampoline start out looking a bit further away from yourself and when you get more comfortable you can look to a point that is closer to the tails in order to cork more.
Go for a safety but a mute grab like in this picture works really well too.
You will be able to spot the landing quite early (540) like here in the picture when you attempt the cork 7
I suggest you should start out corking just a little bit like this your first attempts.
When you get more comfortable look closer to you tails and you can also push your hip a bit more forwards.
Here it is starting too look like a proper cork 720.
Once you are really comfortable strive to cork your 720s hard enough to make you body lay horizontal in the air.

Common mistakes

Avoid throwing yourself for the cork too early. If it happens you will lose most of your air time.
If you have been throwing yourself down to early wait longer in the kicker before your pop of and lean back.
If you struggle uncorking the 7 you can both throw yourself a bit more back and focus more on the grab.
Focus on pulling both your legs up as soon as you leave the kicker.
Try to get a safety grab early and also try to hold on to it for a longer time. This will in most cases let you cork out better.

Good luck, I’m sure you will stomp the cork 720´s soon!

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