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How to Carve Jumps - Grabs, 180s & 360s

In this freestyle ski tutorial, we learn how to carve jumps on skis. First with easy grabs then we learn how to do carved 180s on skis and even how to do carved 360 on skis. Lastly, I show a really fun trick which is the opposite carve 360.

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00:00 Intro
00:32 How to Carve a Jump
01:56 Carve The Jump Harder
02:33 Join a Camp For Adults
02:44 How to Carve Spins on Skis
03:28 How to Carve 180 on Skis
04:17 How to Carve 270° on Skis
04:50 How to Carve 360 on Skis
06:11 How to Carve 360 w. Grabs
06:58 How to Opposite Carve 360

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