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Beginner Learns How to 180 on Skis & How to Boxslide

In this Freestyle ski tutorial, I coach a beginner how to 180 on skis and how to boxslide on skis. You get to see a couple of common mistakes and how we try to fix them.

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00:00 What you will learn in this freestyle ski tutorial
00:11 Skill 3 | How to Spin on Skis (180 on Skis)
00:26 Step 1: Pop 180 in Ski Boots
01:23 Step 2: T-Set 180 With Skis On
02:20 Step 3: T-Set 180 of Side Hit
03:48 Skill 4 | How to Boxslide / Railslide on Skis
03:54 Step 1: Practise the " Slide Position"
04:45 Step 2: Standing Still Pop 90° to Boxslide
05:15 Step 3: How to Boxslide on Skis (Little speed)
05:35 Step 4: How to Scissor / Lock on Boxes on Skis
07:01 Monty´s Experience

In this freestyle ski tutorial, I teach a Beginner skier for one day, 2 out of 4 fundamental freestyle skills. We start learning how to jump on skis and then how to ski switch. Soon there will be a second episode where we continue learning about spinning and boxslide.

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