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5 Easy tricks to have more fun skiing

In this ski tutorial, we teach you 5 easy ski tricks to do when skiing and carving up the piste. We start out teaching you how to do airborne edge changes. Then we spice things up further by doing some shifty plus nose and tail drags. We finish off the tutorial showing you how to carve on skis with a drift in between the turns. Enjoy! ⛷ Join a ski camp for adults: https://stompitcamps.com/camps/

00:00 Intro
00:38 Trick 1: Edge change in the air
02:41 Trick 2.1 Shifty up the hill
04:16 Trick 2.2 Shifty up tail drag
05:16 Trick 3.1 Shifty down the hill
06:04 Trick 3.2 Shifty down nose drag
07:18 Trick 4 Carving Drift up the hill
08:28 Trick 5 Carving Drift down the hill

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