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5 Easy Ski Tricks | Teaching an Intermediate Skier

In this beginner to intermediate freestyle ski tutorial, you will learn a series of easy ski tricks. Each ski trick starts out easy, and then we make the tricks gradually harder. I hope you learn as much from this video as Roger did.

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00:00 Intro
01:21 Worm Turn While Skiing (Easy Ski Trick)
03:04 Worm Turn Landing (Intermediate Ski Trick)
04:34 Tripod Butter on Skis (Easy Ski Trick)
05:18 Tripod Butter Skiing Switch (Intermediate Ski Trick)
06:23 Tripod Butter 360 (Advanced Ski Trick)
07:14 How to Shifty on Ski (Beginner Ski Trick)
08:17 How to do a Tweaked Shifty on Skis (Intermediate Ski Trick)
09:16 How to Lazy Boy 180 on Skis (Beginner Ski Trick)
10:00 How to Lazy Boy 180 off a Jump (Intermediate Ski Trick)
11:04 How to Daffy Butter on Skis (Beginner Ski Trick)
12:20 How Daffy Butter 180 Over a Roller (Intermediate Ski Trick)
13:24 Join a Camp and Thanks

How to Jump On Skis w Roger: https://youtu.be/z3imDw76vwY
How to Boxslide on Skis w Roger: https://youtu.be/FKa1SMvI0jY

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