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4 Tips to get the right speed for jumps on skis

Tips in tutorial:

  • Tip 1: 00:25 Look at other riders
  • Tip 2: 00:47 Ask
  • Tip 3: 02:42 Changing conditions
  • Tip 4: 03:16 Same starting position turns and line
Tip 1: Look at other skiers or snowboarder from the top of the in run or from the lift if that is possible.
Tip 2: Ask some one about the speed how many turns they take or even better if you can follow some one down the jump line. Make sure to ask if they are going to do something wild that may result in a crash.
Follow the turns of the other rider makes it easy to get the same speed. But I rarely follow exactly the other rider I most often do the turns the way I am comfortable with and just look at the rider infront to see if it looks like we are skiing at the same speed. This is so I do not need to readjust the speed and turns for the next lap when I want to start doing some tricks.
When you jump behind some one you must try to jump on the side of the person infront of you so if her or she crashes you will not land on or ski into this person.
When you are close to the other person it is easier to get the same speed but it is also more dangerous and you will distract the person infront of you. So try to get a balance between getting the speed right and not distracting the person infront. Here I am far to close for testing the speed but would have been great for a GoPro follow cam.
Luckily while I was to close behind I was jumping far enough towards my right here to keep it safe(ish) if he would have crashed.
Tip 3: Here in Laax, Switzerland the climate is mild resulting in often firm slopes in the morning resulting in either fast conditions thanks to icy snow or slow due too cold snow. But then in the afternoon it is often soft almost slushy resulting in slower or some times faster conditions. So what I am saying is be ware of this and adapt your skiing to it and do not expect it to always be the same especially before and after lunch.
Tip 4: When you want to practise new tricks that are hard for you or just getting used to the jumps. It is a good idea to always start in the same position. I often slide down to a spot from where it is easy to get the right amount of speed. After a few runs I can often se a line from where I like to start.
Do the same number of turns every time as long as the snow conditions are the same.

Have fun jumping out there!

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