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3 Tips to Better Carve on Skis | Fixing the A-Frame

In this ski tutorial, we teach you how to carve better by getting rid of the A-frame and its underlying causes. We teach you how to trust the edges by angulating better, how to activate the leg muscles needed to angle the inside ski better and how to fix your rotating hip. All common mistakes that may inhibit your carving technique. Join a Ski Technique Camp: https://stompitcamps.com/camps/

00:00 Intro
00:43 What is the A-Frame?
01:31 Why is it bad to have an A-Frame while skiing?
02:05 What is causing the A-Frame?
02:17 A-Frame Cause 1: Blunt edges
02:36 Fixing edge distrust 1.1: Sharpen the edges
02:54 Fixing edge distrust 1.2: Pole drag to angulate
03:44 A-Frame Cause 2: Lazy feet/legs
04:04 Fixing lazy feet 1.1: Stand still rolling feet
04:57 Fixing lazy feet 1.2: One leg skiing to activate the muscles
05:44 A-Frame Cause 3: Hip dump
06:23 Fixing the hip 3.1: Build hip awareness
07:39 Fixing the hip 3.2: Build hip awareness (Less silly)
08:38 Put together: Trust edges, Roll feet, hip straight
09:19 Bonus drill: Soften inside leg

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